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Robyn Lawley - First plus-sized model of Sport Illustrated 


Robyn Lawley (photo) is the first plus-sized model to be ever seen on the cover of the Sports Ilustrated. When first looking at the photo the first thought everyone has is “Come on, how can this be plus-size!”.

Firstly, according to Yasmeen Gharnit (2015), choosing a so-called “plus-sized” model to be on a cover is a major positive development in the branch of magazines and generally the print sector. Especially the Sports Illustrated is known as a magazine about health and an active life.  When choosing a curvier woman to be on a cover, people connect the healthy living with also being allowed to have curves. According to Yasmeen Gharnit (2015), it is a good opportunity to feature beautiful woman of all shapes and sizes.


In an interview with Graham, another plus sized model, she says that she does this kinds of cover shoots to make other woman more confident about their body. Lawley does not even see herself as a plus size model. According to Lauren Miligan (2015), she prefers the term “curvy”.

Sports illustrated stated that they hired Lawley in the first line because she embodies a classic, interesting, beautiful woman with an incredible body. “It was simple as that” (Pulptastic, 2015).

Lawley, who is size 12, is still smaller than the average American Woman, who wears size 14 (CNN, 2015). In a world where size 8 is already considered as plus size, it is about time to revolutionize the print sector, as well as society as it is.

Choosing more “different” models is a huge step in the right direction according to Lawley, and with this change, designers and fashion related people are forced to change as well.




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Before there was HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, there was George R.R. Martin’s 'A Song
Of Ice And Fire’. Now has been announced that the long anticipated sixth book of the
series, ‘The Winds Of Winter‘, is delayed and will not be published in 2015.

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the second of February, it was once again time for the National Magazine Award. The National Magazine Awards honour print and digital publications that consistently demonstrate superior execution of editorial objectives, innovative techniques, noteworthy journalistic enterprise and imaginative art direction(ASME,N.D).

This year a total of 18 publications won awards in the 24 categories(Kassel,2015). The winners of each categories are awarded an “Ellie” which is a copper-coloured sculpture, resembling an elephant.

(Retrieved 09/02/2015 from winners of this year’s edition were:)




Winner: Vogue



Winner: National Geographic



General Interest Magazines

Winner: The New Yorker



Winner: The Texas Observer in partnership with Guardian US for “Beyond the Border,” by Melissa del Bosque, August 6


Service and Lifestyle Magazines

Winner: Glamour



Winner: Vice News for “The Islamic State,” by Medyan Dairieh, August 15


Style and Design Magazines

Winner: Garden & Gun



Winner: Pacific Standard for “Women Aren’t Welcome Here,” by Amanda Hess, January/February


Active Interest Magazines

Winner: Men’s Health



Winner: O, The Oprah Magazine, for “Ready or Not: The Caregiver’s Guide,” November


Special Interest Magazines

Winner: The Hollywood Reporter



Winner: Backpacker for “The Complete Guide to Fire,” edited by Casey Lyons, October


Literature, Science and Politics Magazines

Winner: Nautilus



Winner: GQ for “Inside the Iron Closet,” by Jeff Sharlet, February



Winner: New York



Winner: The Atavist for “Love and Ruin,” by James Verini, February



Winner: National Geographic



Winner: Time for “Crime Without Punishment,” photographs by Jerome Sessini, July 24



Winner: San Francisco for “The Oakland Issue,” June


Winner: The New Yorker for “This Old Man,” by Roger Angell, February 17 and 24



Winner: New York for “Strategist”



Winner: New York for “Zombies on the Walls: Why Does So Much New Abstraction Look the Same?,” June 16-29, “Taking in Jeff Koons, Creator and Destroyer of Worlds,” June 30-July 13, and “Post-Macho God: Matisse’s Cut-Outs Are World-Historically Gorgeous,” October 8, by Jerry Saltz



Winner: Nautilus



Winner: The New Yorker for “The Emerald Light in the Air,” by Donald Antrim, February 3


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Today, a new edition of the atMEM Magazine came out at Stenden University. This magazine is made by students of the study Media and Entertainment Management and is published twice a module. This fourth edition of @MEM has several different articles focusing on the media and entertainment industry in and around Leeuwarden.

The cover story of the January edition is an interview with the dutch actor and comedian Leo Alkmade, who talks about the ups and downs of his career, his experiences in the industry, and shares important tips with the readers that are interested in working in the business (Schuilenburg, 2015).

Furthermore, the magazine features the story of Wouter Nijhuis, who is a 3rd year MEM student that works as a DJ in his free time under the name “Wauter. His passion is techno music and the magazine gives an inside about his past and what he wants to do in the future.  Under the rubric “A guide to Leeuwarden”, @MEM gives an inside to four of Leeuwardens finest Music stores like King Kong Records and Déjà vu. General info about the stores like the location and prices are given, which gives the reader a good overview on where to buy their next record in Leeuwarden.

On two pages of the magazine, there are also reviews to current TV shows and movies like “The Hobbit”. The authors give a quick intro to the story, and share their experiences with the movie being in 3D and the special sound effects (Schuilenburg, 2015).Other reviews in this section include “Battlefield Hardline”, and “De Wereld Draait Door”.

All in all this magazine if very informative and fun to read if you are interested in the media and entertainment industry as current news and topics within this industry are being discussed. Also it is free, so pick up your copy at Stenden today. 


Cover @MEM, Fourth Edition: Schuilenburg, 2015



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On the 5th of February, News Corp will report their fiscal 2015 earnings (Trefis Team, 2015). These numbers will show the state of the print industry. The digital real estate is expected to increase in revenue, whereas the News and Information services are expected to decrease (Trefis, 2015).

News Corporation is a network of companies within media, education, news and information services” (News Corp, 2015). The organization’s digital releases have helped real estate agents to sell or rent their stakes.

Because of the Internet, readers have access to lots of free information, which has resulted into a decreasing subscriber base. Advertisers tend to spend less on magazine advertisements, since the target group is depreciating (The Trefis Team (2015).

However, according to Allison Kite (2015), the demand for hard-copied books is still at a high level. The biggest change is the increasing importance of online bookstores, whereas physical bookstores are losing their market share. Next to that, the reader has the ability to reach the news in different ways, such as PDF and iPad subscriptions (The Huntington News, 2015), which is why books are becoming less necessary.

The News Corporation report will bring clarity to the state of the industry, which is very important for investors (Trefis Team, 2015). The report will be released as the day progresses (News Corp, 2015).



The News Corporation (Bedfort, 2014).




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The book almost everyone knows about, “To kill a mockingbird” has made

its' way back into the news. J.B. Lippincott published the novel in 1960 and

the author was Harper Lee. Turns out that the story for the characters does

not stop at To Kill a Mockingbird, there is a second part to the story.

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The NFL Super Bowl XLIX is the most watched TV show in US history with 114.4 million viewers on Sunday night. But nowadays, one does not only watch the NFL Final. People talk about it and people tweet about it via several digital devices (Patra, 2015).

When Malcom Butler intercepted Russel Williams pass with only 20 seconds remaining in the game, there were 395,000 tweets per second, according to Patra (2015). The interception also caused the internet to invent the hashtag #worstcallever to become trending within the US, as a reaction to the poor judgement of the Seahawks. This eventually caused them not to win the title.  

After the Patriots had already won, the game was discussed strongly via twitter, as it can be seen in the following heat map. 

Heat Map: Super Bowl XLIX, 10:05 pm (Patra, 2015)

A big part of the Super Bowl is also the Half Time Show, which several artists performed alongside Katy Perry this year. According to Patra (2015), social media fluttered with every Perry wardrobe change as with every touchdown. 

The famous Super Bowl commercials this year were mostly about apps and games. As most people actually watch the Super Bowl live, advertisers use it to test out new creative ads that make you react with your phone via twitter, for example, as getting a brands name to be trending on twitter is an “advertising gold mine" (Sherman, 2015). 




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(Retrieved from: 


One way to gain revenue for digital media companies is through digital ads. Digital ads is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the internet to deliver the message to the consumers. Since a lot of people find these ads distracting and annoying, they started to use black ads systems. Because of the increasing usage of ad blockers the revenue of the digital media companies deceases. Adblock Plus is the most popular ad blocker and is downloaded over 300 million times. Adblock blocks almost all ads, but some ads are on a so called whitelist which allows some ads to appear on sites (O’reilly,2015). This also is a big threat for big companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Now these big digital companies have found a way to still gain money through ads. Google, yahoo and Microsoft have now found a way to put their advertisements on the whitelist(tech2newsstaff, 2015). These companies now pay an amount of money to Adblock Plus, by this their advertisements will still be shown to customers and Google, Yahoo and Microsoft will still get their money for the advertisements. Adblocker has been making money by allowing these ads to appear on websites. Although this could also mean the end of Adblocker Plus since the users do not want any ads at all, but will now notice that ads still appear on popular websites(O’Reilly,2015).

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The new educational developments are now at the forefront of

large corporations such as Sony and British telecom has produced

some inovative and unique products for the education sector. 

Sony’s Vision presenter; Retrieved from (Moore-Coyler, 2015) 

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Have you imagined a world where you do not need an actual screen to type a digital text, to call your

wife or just surf around the Internet looking at the wall? This kinect- like technology called OmniTouch

is already a reality. It can basically turn every surface into a screen on your hand, the wall or the table 

in front of you. (, 2015).


Read more: A Kinect-like technology can turn any surface into a touchscreen.


(Gamesite Kijk-Online, 2014)


Probably one of the most popular racing game titles on the market, Need For Speed, will be releasing its latest addition to the game series on the 23rd of October, Need For Speed Rivals: Complete (Makuch, 2014).

You may be wondering what is meant by “complete edition”. Well, the fact is that Need For Speed Rivals was released on the 19th of November, last year (, 2014). The previous version of the game offered downloadable content for extra features. This meant that gamers had to pay an additional amount of money just to get their favourite car, for example.


With the new release, the title promises new car packs of recently released cars. Some of the featured car packs arehese feature:

-       Ferrari Edition Special Pack

-       Simply Jaguar Pack

-       Concept Lamborghini Pack

-       The Koenigsegg Agera One Pack


Most of the car packs feature classic, as well as the latest cars manufactured by their manufacturer (Need For Speed - Official Site, 2014).


The title will be made available for the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 and also PC. The price of the game is still unknown to the European market. It is known that it will cost €39.99 for the PC version (Origin, 2014), so a speculation is that it will cost about the same, to approximately 40 to 50 euros on all other platforms.


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(Retreived from:


The blue check marks that indicate Whatsapp that a massage has been read by the recipient, are likely to turn out again soon.   


According to a statement that option, the translation environment of whatsapp where interested people can help with the translation of the massages.

For the Android version was submitted by the following sentence Whatsapp for translation: “If you tun off the read receipts, you will not be bootable to see the read receipts form other people.

It works similar to the ability to see when someone has been online for the last time. That, too, is to turn off, but then the last online-times of other users are also hidden.

Whatsapp introduced the blue checkmarks earlier and came so soon to be on fire. The company has not really responded to the controversy, which caused a lot of low rating in de App Store and Google Play Store (Vroegrijk, M. 2014). 



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Rapper Drake released an unannounced album on the day before Valentines Day. The new album consists of 17 new tracks, according to Young (2015). No one knew about the release of the album on that day and so his fans were completely surprised. The new album is called ‘If you’re reading this, it’s too late’ and it is the fourth album of Drake.


The album features songs with Lil Wayne, Travi$ Scott and PartyNextDoor. Till now, it is unclear if this is the album that he announced a few months ago, but with a different title or whether it is a new album and that there will still be another new album released during this year. (Young, 2015)


The album was released on iTunes and a little while later it was also available on Spotify. Media experts cannot tell yet how many copies of his new album they expect Drake will sell, but they think that his album will do well, because his previous albums did so as well. They all ended up on number one in the album top chart. (McIntyre, 2015)


Just a few hours before the release of the new album, Drake also released a short movie. This movie, called ‘Jungle’, already included some new music from Drake. (McIntyre, 2015)



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Foo Fighters are about to return to the Glastonbury Festival after 10 years.

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If you didn’t know, Apple is currently acquiring talent in attempt to optimize its music service.

According to Brian (2015), Apple established a contract with UK’s biggest radio DJ, Zane

Lowe with the aim of boosting its music service, particularly its iTunes Radio/Beats Music products.

DJ Zane will conduct his final broadcast for BBC’s Radio station on March 5th.

Moreover, Brain utters that DJ Zane Lowe performed various interviews with big names in the music

industry such as Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, Chris Martin and producer Rick Rubin. He is also

responsible for big UK acts like Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran.  

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The number Vinyls sold was up over 50% from 2013 9,2 million Vinyls were sold in 2014 in the US only (McIntyre,2015). )Even though vinyl records aren’t convenient to use. Since they don’t play for long, you can’t skip a song and they have to be kept very clean to sound good( O'Connel, 2015). Still these Vinyls win it now a day from the more easy to use and much cheaper CD’s but why?

( retrieved 11/02/2015 from

We now have this amazing technology that makes listening to music much easier, like CD’s, IPod’s, Streaming programs like Spotify and you can listen to music on your phone. So what is the reason behind the growing trend of the Vinyl records?

Some say it is because you can hold it, feel it, see the real art of the music. You can compare it to a hand written letter, of course It could be send by email, but when you receive a hand written letter, it Is special (Upton, 2010). Playing a vinyl record is a fulfilling experience they say, when you put the record onto the turntable and then flip it over to indulge in the music on the other side and the perceived warmth and mood that makes music on vinyl so much better. It is that people just miss the pysical touch of the music that has disapeared through the digital music (Tsekleves,2015).

The most customers are between the age of 12 and 35; these individuals also try the hardest for the vinyl record comeback. This could be because this group has listened to digital music, mostly MP3, their entire lives. MP3’s are actually some of the worst quality music, when you then listen to vinyl it opens a whole new world (Vickers, 2015).

            ( RIAA/ Digital Music News, Retrieved on 11/02/2015 from

Although there is a slight comeback in the Vinyl records, you can see in this chart how little the comeback is, comparing to the peak years around the 1980’s(Swanson, 2015). Let’s be real, yes Vinyl’s are from good quality and are great to have, but they are not very practical. You can’t really use a vinyl in your car or when you are somewhere. So it is a good thing that there is a Vinyl comeback also for the Vinyl industry, but it will never replace the digital music for on the road.




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the media goes all digital and so do we

by Vanessa Träger on 3rd of January, 2015

Kim Kardashian and new-born North West taking a selfie. A moment which is captured by famous rapper and the father of North,  Kanye West. Editorial shot for American Vogue. Retrieved from

Kim Kardashian caused laughter with her own publicity on social media. However, the reality show star has as many loyal followers as haters. She has contributed to the success of the “selfie” as she is known  to take and upload a unabashed “sefie” in every  life’s situation. Recently, Kim has published her book “selfish” including many recognizable personal images (Rizzoli, 2015). And mobile carrier T-Mobile has made the selfie trend a marketing hit with its Superbowl Commercial (Parker and Chavez, 2015).


The 34 year old is known to be a marketing hit and has succeeded in marketing herself and her family.  Magazines and Social Media Editors have called the Kardashian clan Americas royal family (Kaye, 2012).  Taking a selfie has become a normal part of  many young adults all over the globe. Digital convergence and the possibilities to take a selfie and upload it directly with your tablet and smartphone has made it possible to publish images in seconds.


Our selfie obsession has raised possibilities for marketing agencies. Self portraits have been taken for centuries, but recently digital possibilities turned it into a global trend (Colquhoun, 2015).

"Often you get something that's been popular within a niche or has been of minor interest that suddenly goes global and is something everyone wants to do and everyone wants to be part of." (Colquhoun, 2015).

With product placements on celebrities instagram accounts, marketers have established more possibilities that differ from the regular billboard advertisements. With so called hauls and personal recommendations,  the marketing world has been digitalised (Coloquhoun, 2015). Famous bloggers intentionally tag and mention brands to receive free goodies and attract followers. As already mentioned, mobile carrier giant T-Mobile has used Kim’s selfie obsession as  a marketing strategy. The spot has accomplished its purpose and caused cheerful conversations on twitter (Parker and Chavez, 2015).




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Streaming services such as Spotify or Google Play have been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. However, with every inch of success comes a large set of challenges, which in Spotify’s case could be  Jay-Z’s  56 million dollar investment in one of their biggest competitors Tidal.

Tidal, owned by the Swedish conglomerate Aspiro AB, describe themself as “the first music streaming service that combines the best sound quality, high definition music videos and an expert editorial staff” (TidalHifi, 2015).Tidal’s library includes around 25 million tracks, in addition to 75,000 ready-to-play music videos. Next to that, the editorial staff regularly posts recommendations, articles and musical interviews (TidalHifi, 2015).

Next to the offer on Tidal, “Project Panther”  (the company that is indirectly owned by Jay-Z) has made a bid on WiMP, which is a similar streaming service (Aspiro, 2015). The main difference between the two is that WiMP is currently focused on Europe, wheras Tidal is available in the UK and US. Project Panther aspires to expand Aspiro internationally, which will lift the music streaming industry according to Peter Globokar, the managing director of the advising company of Aspiro (Snider, 2015).

But is there a future in the digital streaming industry? With piracy around and the many rising competitors, it becomes harder and harder to find and attract users that are willing to spend money on a subscription. Spotify for example, is currently still available for free. Spotify’s most recent released data showed that only 15 million out of the 60 million Spotify users were premium (Spotify, 2015), which concludes that many users are interested in free music. However, the use of Tidal requires a subscription. Aspiro hopes to make use of Jay-Z’s popularity and influence in order to acquire many new users (Bertoni, 2015).

Shareholders have until March11 to accept Project Panther’s offer (Snider, 2015).

Jay-Z Performing (Return of Kings, 2014).




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The force of digital convergence on the television’s screens and platforms


Firstly, the term “digital convergence” will be defined. According to Ernst & Young (2013) ,the term “digital convergence” means the ability to view combined multimedia content from various types of screens. Because of the different platforms the viewer can receive information from various industries on the television. The digital convergence creates a connection between television and smaller screen devices.  (Ernst& Young.2013 . p.10 ) The graphic explains the structured connection between platforms and screens.
 The article "What is digital convergence" from Kioskea (2015) , explains the opportunities for the audience because of the digital convergence and television. “Now your TV can provide access to all information on a singe screen. For example, a LED TV easily connects to a game console, a computer, Blue/ ray players and also Internet router, allowing you to access your mail directly from your living room.” 
( Kioskea. 2015 )

According to Ernst & Young (2013), the audience will watch television from smaller screen devices, like smart phones and tablets. The audience will feel more involved into the shows content. With connected screens the audience can send their opinion with their smart phones into the shows content. Their opinion will be seen on a main screen. ( Ernst & Young. 2013)

Ernst & Young explains the developments of watching television.

Similarly, there is currently an unwritten rule that the television serves as the primary screen and that other screens, whether they be tablet, “phablet” or mobile, are all secondary. We are entering an era where all screens will work seamlessly together – they will just happen to come in a wide range of sizes. And it will be the attention it commands from the viewer, through story arcs or other conventions that will dictate the “dominant” screen. ( Ernst & Young. 2013. p.10)

According to Ernst & Young (2013), the audience will explore a new watching adventure. They can watch television by binging because of developing platforms like “Netflix. Finally they can watch TV how long they want from every place.



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At the end of January the ending of a well beloved show had come. Parenthood announced their sixth season to be their final one and ended with a heartbreaking but also beautiful season finale.

This final episode features the wedding of Sarah and Hank, where all of the Bravermans come back together one last time to celebrate their family. (Campbell, 2015)

Photo: NBC(2015)


While the show could have ended with the final episode of season 5 (Ross, 2014), it was renewed for a 13 episode final season last year, to finish all the untold storylines and give this wonderful ode to family and love a dignified end.

As we all could sense in the course of the final season, Zeeks health would be of essence for the final episode of the show. The Bravermans’ patriarch had time to sit with each of his children and give them advise as to how they should finish their next chapters in life (Campbell, 2015).

At the end, this farewell tour of Zeek did end with his death, which was shown in a, again, loving and family celebrating way. The Bravermans all came together and played one last game of baseball, while a montage showed how all of the members’ stories would end for years to come, showing how Max would graduate from High School, how Amber had found the man to raise here newborn child with, how Joel and Julia had two more children and how Camille went to France (Campbell, 2015).  


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The highly anticipated football final between the `Seattle sea hawks’

and the New England patriots’ set a new U.S. television record for 

being the most watched television event in U.S. history (Bauder, 2015).


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Katy Perry makes the entrance at the 2015 SuperBowl halftime show on her giant metal cheetah. Retrieved from


Katy Perry, who is known to attract the younger generations, has “Owned it. Nailed it. Killed it.” at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show in Arizona (News Limited, 2015). 70,288 people were on site and with an average of over 114.4 million viewers worldwide the sports event made it to the most viewed television event in US history (CNN money, 2015). 


The 30 year old singer brought up Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz to join her on stage. Katy sang her anthem roar in a glitter fire dress and had Lenny Kravitz joining her with hisguitar. She provided alternation and did not only attract the 12-year old target group. Afterwards, the super bowl turned into a colorful beach party when she performed her hits California Girl and Teenage Dream (News Limited, 2015). Missy Elliot returned and sang a medley of “Lose Control”, “Work It” and “Get Ur Freak On”.

Both artists Spotify streams have boomed after the performance. Perrys stream increased by 85 per cent before the show and Miss Elliot could record an epic increase of 676 per cent. Lenny Kravitz Stream has also increased by 105 per cent after the show (Boyle, 2015).

After four outfit changes, which by the way is another record, her dancing sharks were on of the most discussed themes on Twitter. Especially the #leftshark has attracted the twitter community and some even called it their “spirit animal”. (Boyle, 2015).



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With the growing importance of television streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, consumers are given a lot of freedom considering their viewing schedule. Even Beth Hoppe, a professional programmer (Bauder, 2015), states to not be able to catch up with her desired television schedule anymore. Are there too many choices? And how is the cable television industry handling the increase in popularity of TV on demand?

According to Beth Hoppe (Bauder, 2015), a chief programmer for PBS, there are too many television series on the market. There is a series premiere or the start of a new season of a show almost every week and the competition is incredible. Because of the many broadcasting channels, marketing doesn’t always reach the entire target group and when the ratings are low, it’s very hard for producers to find out whether their show isn’t interesting enough or if viewers simply haven’t found out about the show yet (Bauder, 2015).

Next to the challenge of attracting cable TV-viewers, there is another competitor that concerns the television industry. Online streaming services are very easy to use and viewers are able to decide on their own viewing schedule. Next to that, there are many shows available, so there’s something interesting available for everyone. According to a recent note from Nomura Research, based on numbers from Nielsen (Roettgers, 2015), traditional TV-ratings went down with 12.7 percent in January. Next to that, estimates from The Diffusion Group (2014) state that Netflix subscribers averagely watch 90 minutes of Netflix a day. This is an increase of 350% within less than three years. It is easy to say that Netflix is a very influential competitor to the traditional television industry.

In order to adaptto the increasing importance streaming industry, it is necessary for television networks to filter the content of their shows (Bauder, 2015). When networks make sure the content is interesting for their target group and the show is well produced, it will be successful on the long run. Next to that, it is possible to sell the rights of a produced show after it’s broadcasted.

Netflix (Trommels, 2014).



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Internet is full of videos. The giant Internet company Cisco announced that they consumed around 75% of the online traffic for 2014.

Their prediction is that by the end of 2018, this traffic will grow with 80 to 90 percent. This constant increase of video demand provokes

a higher demand of quality and details. Some established companies like Netflix are going with 4K broadcasting and others, which

main field is not video broadcasting, like Facebook for example, are getting ready for this change (Smith, M., 2015).


Read more: Preparing for HEVC: Kill the pixels! The new H.265 video codec

Security is one of the most important issues when running a business. Well respected organizations are aware about it and keeps the high quality as the main goal. Apple is a good example of that kind of business.  Credibility, protection and innovations are the key words that describes Apple the best.


Cnet news (2015) notifiesthat Apple is trying to update its security systems. Apple won its customers loyalty by providing fulfilled security systems and strong protection from hackers (Cnet, 2015).

In order to make services even more flexible, Tim Cook arranged a meeting with a President Barack Obama to discuss new oportunities and developed security for the Apple users. The plan is to extend Apple Pay locations and to unsure the best quality services (Cnet, 2015).

Cook underlines the importance of well secured personal information. Òne of the reasons mentioned - discrmination. Recently he published that he is a gay and it can be a reason why he is so sensitive about the discrimination question. Apple wants his customers to be well protected and safe from any damages (Cnet, 2015).

Few more updates have been made inside Apple. Apple was criticised because of the low security quality on iMessages. The main issue was that anyone who was trying to guess the password was able to see the messages. It disappointed a lot of constant customers and stimulated Apple to make some serious changes (Pagliery, 2015).

Apple reaction to the criticism was very effective. iMessages and FaceTime video chats were secured by creating more requirements when using iCloud account on the new device. Now it will be necessary to have your mobile phone with you because Apple will send you a message with a required code (Pagliery, 2015). Apple astonished its critics by being so open to critics and so fast at development.




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Downloading has been on a rise for the past few years, and especially now with

Piratebay being back in business after being shut down from the 9th of December 2014.

Read more: Media companies trying to find ways to defeat online piracy

Since Twitter was invented we use the online social network every day.

It is the medium of the new media world and represents the people’s mind.

Every person is able to “tweet" about what their doing, what they eat, which

movie their watching and what they like, also what they do not like.





GBI Grosshamburger Bestattungsunternehmen. (n.d.). Online Todesanzeigen. Retrieved from



This article deals wiith spending too much time online with the consequences of internet addiction. Online access became a strong force of the modern world, especially in the life of the younger generations. According to Adams (2014), government health advisers have warned that spending too much time online causes mental illnessin  in children.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and heightened aggression are some of the possible issues faced by children who may overuse the internet" ( Adams .2014). 

The internet offers a way to relieve their stress. According to Miller (n.d.) , Dr Aric Sigman, A psychologist, observes diseases of children.

He explains the Ofcom statistics , "another measure showing that children are spending more of their recreational time looking at screens, particularly in bedrooms by themselves" (Miller . n.d.).

According to BBC news (2014), because of an interactive communication of social media, especially younger people become addicted to the internet.  They spend too much time online, switching from WhatsApp to Facebook and missing out other aspects of life.Being online, contentiously has negative consequences in their life. 

According to the website mirror (2014), government health advisers have warned that accessing too much time online is causing mental illness in children.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and heightened aggression are some of the possible issues faced by children who may overuse the internet” (Adams. 2014). 

According to the CBS News (2014) “3.7 to 13 percent of U.S. and 10 percent of South Korean Internet users express some symptoms of inappropriate Internet use."  

According to the website metro , “every minute we spend on the internet, we lose 0.05 minutes of spending time with the people we know and love. That may not sound like a lot, but spread out over an hour and it becomes three minutes lost – the equivalent of 72 minutes per day, or 18 days a year. We lose 0.12 minutes of sleep for each minute spent online – that’s 43 days a year” (Adams. 2014).







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The well-known Messenger WhatsApp can now be used on something other than a smartphone (Gibbs, 2015). The website allows WhatsApp users to send and receive messages, pictures and voice messages from their computer to other peoples smartphones. This is only available through Google Chrome, and if they use WhatsApp via Blackberry, Android, or Windows Phone. iOS users cannot use this service yet, due to Apples platform limitations (Yoskowitz, 2015).

The WhatsApp Web Client: Gibbs, 2015

To use the WhatsApp web client, users need to go to the website and scan the QR-Code using the WhatsApp Application on their Smartphone, which needs to be connected to the internet at all times (Yoskowitz, 2015).

The messages remain on the smartphone and will not be saved on the web client. According to Gibbs (2015) the WhatsApp chief executive, said: “Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. This means all of your messages still live on your phone.” Web client users can also not create groups, but participation in group conversations is possible.

Gibbs (2015) states that the web client works seamlessly on the web. The messages have the same appearance as on the smartphone and it is very handy to use a computer keyboard instead of a smartphone one.

WhatsApp currently has 700 million active users per month and is one of the most popular messengers worldwide. Its users send 30 billion messages a day and since August 2014 there have been 25 million more users every month (Gibbs, 2015).





Gibbs, R. (2015). WhatsApp messenger makes move to the web.Retrieved on 11 February 2015 from



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Google has been paying freelancers for finding security faults and risks,

overall about 1.5 million dollars has been handed out in payments.

Google is continuing to boost research with payments (Kerner, 2015).


Read more: Google ups the Ante for security researchers

Johnny Depp (51) lovers are celebrating because of the rumours about the fifth part of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The movie is going to be released on2017 and will be filmed in Australia (Rosser, 2015).The preparation for a movie has already started as it is seen in the published pictures. Here you can see a Black Pearl ship, which looks way different from the one we all remember. The huge number of people is working on building the required decorations. The place itself is very impressive. Small Australian village with the wild nature creates an atmosphere that fits perfectly to the idea of Pirates of the Caribbean (Evans, 2015).

Some more news already spread through the movie industry. Johnny Depp, who will be taking the role of Jack Sparrow, has already gone to Australia to prepare for the filming. He will have a new partner - Kaya Scodelario (22) who will replace Keira Knightley (29) who is pregnant. Kaya is a very young and talented actress who is seen as a potential Keira in the future (Rosser, 2015).


Pirates of the Caribbean has a huge success and a very wide target group. The first part - The Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003. Five nominations for the Oscars was a stimulation to continue (IMDb, n.d.). Today we are already in 2015 and we are still talking about it, we are still waiting.

What surprises us the most is that Johnny Depp is still playing the role of Jack Sparrow, even if he is one the actors who prefer new and challenging characters. The reason why he is still playing the role was not the contract. Depp once described Jack Sparrow as a very flexible and unpredictable character. It makes it very interesting to live his life and discover the adventures (Wilkins, 2011).



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 "The interview” should be just another entertaining movie of James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Proving their ability to produce and star in comedies a little bit of the edge and with a dark humour. 

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The success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is going on with the release of the first film.

With being the most visited movie in over 55 countries making a revenue of $158 million,

the movie is expanding the empire that is called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Together with

the $90 million from the US release it has set a stunning $239.7 million revenue over

the first weekend after the release on February 9th, 2015 (Cunningham, 2015).

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By Vanessa Trager

Insurgent movie poster. (n.d.). Image retrieved from




The action paced movie “Divergent” was a resounding success. As a matter of course, Lionsgate will carry on with the trilogy and release Insurgent on the 20th of March 2015. The movie is going to pick up exactly where they had left off, said Theo James. The british actor, who plays “four” proved how divergent he is. In a new trailer he roars, “Its time we fight back!” (Chavez, 2015).


The 23-year old actress Shailene Woodley portrays Beatrice Prior in the Divergent Series. She is a young woman who let go off her faction to join the defensive and militant faction “Dauntless”. She meets Four, who believes in her insurgent thoughts. Together they fight the despotic Erudite Leader Jeanie (played by Kate Winslet).


Caleb, Triss’ brother was shown addressing her as he said “Your are living proof the Divergent problem has grown out of control!”. Caleb is played by Ansel Elgort, whom Woodley worked together in the Teenie romance “The fault in our stars”. In another scene her brother said “You are the key to the little civilization we have left.


Consequences of her previous actions are following Tris throughout the second part of the Divergent Series. At the same time she is trying to protect the ones that she loves. With Four, Caleb, Christina and other soldiers she fights to reveal the truth and save their future. Fours Mom, acted by Naomi Watts is the leader of the “faction less“ and suggests combining forces to become unstoppable (Bellotto, 2015). 





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People have been talking about it for years, the franchise- “The Amazing Spider-Man",

There have been many speculations in the last months, but now it is official:

Marvel and Sony are joining forces to co- produce the next movies of

“The Amazing Spiderman” (Marvel, 2015).


Read more: Marvel's Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal to Produce Next Instalment of the Spider-Man

Oe24. (2014, August 29). Kinox sperre einfach zu umgehen. Retrieved from




Is watching this movie (il)legaly ?   -  5 Ways to watch legal, free movies!

This article deals with websites that offer the opportunity to watch movies for free and legally. In the Internet you will find bunch of sites, where you can view movies for free. The problem is that these sites are in most cases illegal.

According to the website computer hope, the easiest method of determining if the content is legal or not, is if the content you are viewing contains advertisements or a sponsor. The producers of the content cannot afford to release their content without some type of sponsorship. If you are downloading or watching TV without commercials or sponsorship it is probably illegal.” (computer hope,2015)

You are a student running tight on cash, who wants to watch movies without government´s trouble? The website Digital Trends presents the best websites for streaming movies. The list from the website "Digital Trends below will help you to find a lot of good movies, for free and without jeopardizing your computer’s security.  ( Prindle, 2014) 



According to Prindle(2014), the following websites are very recommendable:





This websites offers a full range of blockbuster hits in full-length. The most popular movies are published in a limited period of time and replaced with the moderns movies. Unfortunately, the viewer will be interrupted by advertising.    



Is one of the leading movieplatforms. The viewer has a large choice of full and legal TV shows, popular movies and  trailers. 


 Is known for it´s large amount of videos. If you are searching older popular movies, you will easily find it there.  



                                     Documentary films

Is a suitable site to find documentaries, which are around the 30-60 minute long.  





This website offers you a large choice of documentaries and narrative films. You won't find these movies anywhere else in the web.




























Prindle(2014), where to watch free movies online – the legal way. Digital trends. Retrieved from 



Computer hope free computer help and information. (2015). Is watching TV for free on the Internet legal? Retrieved from 


Reed Hastings received his Bachelor from Bowdoin College in 1983. Furthermore,

finished his study of MSCS (Microsoft Cluster Service) in Artificial Intelligence at

Stanford University in 1988 (Officers & Directors, n.d.).

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As a female executive in 2015, you would expect gender equality on the workfloor. However, women are still given the ‘office housework’ men do not want to do (CNN, 2015). Cheryl Sandberg is an executive at Facebook. She states that when women say no to requests such as filling out someone else’s paperwork, they are being called ‘selfish’ and their careers will suffer, whereas men receive all the actual tasks (CNN, 2015).

However, according to Allison Hartsoe (2015), women are much more capable of performing managerial tasks than men in general. Women tend to blend instinct and science in their work and check on their employees more often. Next to that, they are better at working out a compromise (Hartsoe, 2015).

Compromising statistics, yet only 23 women lead companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index (Sorkin, 2015). Considering the fact that the world consists of 50.4% men and 49.6% women (INED, 2015), it looks an awful lot like inequality. Next to that, there is a wage gap. An average American woman only earns 77.1% of what a male with exactly the same function and the same hours would earn (Dishman, 2015).

The female representation is not only a problem in the executive world. Casey Cipriani (2015) states that women are still very under-represented within the media. Next to that, there are many gender stereotypes and there is a lack of ethnic diveristy (Cipriani, 2015).

It is obvious that gender discrimination on the workfloor is still an important aspect of today’s problems. It is necessary to create awareness in order to be able to create an equal professional environment in the future (Dishman, 2015).

The Wage Gap (Jaen, 2014).



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Single-family offices are organizational structures that have the financial and personal

affairs under the same management. The percentage for high functioning single-family

offices is not considered high; it is only around 20 percent of all single-family offices.

The employees in these offices always find a way to give reason for non-achieved goals.

In reality the frequent inability to finish work and successfully meet all the expectations

is caused by the people in charge, they are incapable of leading the team (Forbes, 2015). 

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 Smith, J. (2013, February 9). How to be a good manager: 8 Quick Tips. Retrieved from    



This article deals about the properties and qualities a good manager should have. A good relationship between a manager and his employees, characterizes a good manager. It´s one of the most important aims, to create a nice relationship for the benefits of the organization. It depends on the right balance between friendliness and authority. J. Smith explains short tips to handle the right balance.

According to J. Smith (2013), a manager should ask himself, if he limits himself to only delegating. He shouldn´t use his position to do less work than his employees. Being a manager deals not about letting his employees do the work while he is focusing on.  

A manager should always think optimistically by focusing the positives in his employees and their work. If he don´t satisfied with the work, he shouldn´t hesitate to receive critical feedback 

He should be vulnerable regarding mistakes. Apologizing for his own mistakes, helps to reach a personal level to his employee. He should show that he isn´t a machine but a person with a private life. With the right balance, a good manager lets his employees know about his life.   

It is not helpful to expect his employees to do something, if the manager is not doing it himself. 

A manager should create an enjoyable atmosphere at the working place. Meeting the team outstanding the work, supports a positive working atmosphere at work. They get to know each other better. Because of a positive working atmosphere, the team can handle challenges easier as they arise.   

There is no right way to being a manager. The best way for improving is to learn from his own mistakes. A manager should become aware about his own decisions and trust in himself. 


J.Smith (2013, February 9). How to Be a Good Manager: 8 Quick Tips. Retrieved from


The 23 year old William Robillard Cole, is Vice president at HW&W recordings since 2013 and owner of WRC MGMT (Mertens,2015) 

He met Kaytranada, heard him play and immediately and sensed potential. Kaytranada was signed to the label Huh What & Where Recordings, 

at that moment Kaytranada introduced William to the founder of HW&W and now William is Vice president. 

William thinks the term “Manager” is out dated and does not suit his work. He says.” I’m a tour manager, I’m a publicist, I’m a business manager, I’m a creative director, 

I’m an A&R, I’m a bodyguard, I’m a best friend” (Mertens,2015). 


(Zaworski, N.D retrieved 04/02/2015 from


William Robillard Cole went to Saint Mary’s university that he finished in 2014. Even though he just finished university, he already has a lot of experience in the Media field.  In 2012 he was Creative Director at soundsLARGE for four months, from June 2012 till August 2012 he was Events Supervisor at Kognitive Marketing. He has also been the Assistant director for rad media group for two years and for one year he was Coordination manager at the New Halifax. Doing noting does not suit William at all when you look at his previous work experience.  William has been active for the Canadian AIDS Research foundation, to raise money he has organized two not-for-profit charity events called “RED PARTY” where he raised over $15,000 dollars (,N.D). 


William has a positive view on the future. William sees himself and his clients as the freshmen class (Vanilli, N.D). “Pharrell is going to retire one day, Rick Rubin is going to retire one day, Diplo is going to retire one day, and my producers are the new Timbalands, Rick Rubins, Pharrells and Diplos. It’s crazy to think but that’s where we want to be in twenty years” (Mertens,2015). 





(Zaworski, (N.D) retrieved from:


Cole, (N.D) William robillard cole Linkedin retrieved 04/02/2015 from 


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In order to run a successful business, there are various responsibilities to fulfill. Being in charge

of the routine operations or developing strategies are just some of the usual issues. When dealing

with a wide variety of responsibilities, a very common problem that may arise is lack of productivity.

How should we cope with all the tasks and still provide productivity? (Fallon, 2015).

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Tomorrow night, on Thursday 18th, a big event is going to be celebrated in China, the Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese calendar the year 4713 starts with Friday, the 19th of February (Infoplease, n.d.).

As every year, one of the twelve animals from the Chinese circle of animals will be representative for the next year. This time it is going to be the eighth animal of the circle, which is the goat. Chinese fortunetellers assume wars and conflicts to end within this year because the goat is a symbol for calmness and peace (Ostasieninstitut, n.d.).

Other than in the Western world, the Chinese New Year is not only going to be celebrated on one day but during fifteen days straight through. Accordingly, the “Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar” (Infoplease, n.d.). Since the Chinese calendar is based on the Lunar Calendar, the festival starts on the darkest day of the moon “somewhere in the period January 21 to February 20” (Zhou, 2015) and continues until the brightest day of the moon, which is always fifteen days later.

This time is traditionally spent together with the family. Different generations gather around a table and enjoy the New year’s Eve Dinner together, which “is called Reunion Dinner, and is believed to be the most important meal of the year” (Zhou, 2015). Decorations will be seen everywhere around China and will be kept in red, “as it is believed to be an auspicious color” (Zhou, 2015). Also, gifts which are exchanged during this time will be kept in red. The most common present is a red envelope with money in it for kids. Moreover, “at temple fairs in many Chinese cities traditional performances can be seen: dragon dances, lion dances, and performances representing palace events like an emperor’s wedding” (Zhou, 2015).

All around the world, there will be people celebrating the Chinese New Year’s Eve because the joyful atmosphere of spending it has become quite popular. Happy Chinese new year!



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The success of any work and development depends directly on how we get used to spend our free time and holidays.

We are a living in the world of endless offerings and possibilities, so the choice of the right way to relax and organizing

our year around is crucial for a human.


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The city of Amsterdam, which is visited by tourists all over the world during the whole year, prepares several special events for

both locals and visitors during the whole month of February (AmsterdamTIPS, 2015). Why not consider a romantic trip to Amsterdam

for the special occasion of the Valentine’s Day? Here is what Amsterdam prepared for you:

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Staff, T. (2015, February 8). Grammys 2015: Complete list of winners and nominees. Retrieved from


According to Lynch, J. (2014), one of the most important nights for music artist were on CBS Sunday at The 57th annual Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

A wide range of the biggest celebrities attend this night.

Sam Smith won the Grammy for “record of the year “ with his song "Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)" . 
Stevie Wonder and Jamie Foxx performed this song with same smith “Stay with me”.
He earned an other Grammy for  "Song Of The Year" (Stay With Me - Darkchild Version), 
one Grammy for "Best New Artist" and at least one Grammy for "Best Pop Vocal Album Of The Year" (In The Lonely Hour).
According to Yahr (2015 ), in competition with Kadish & Meghan Trainor for “All About That Bass,” 

Sia Furler & Jesse Shatkin for “Chandelier,” Max Martin, Shellback & Taylor Swift for “Shake It Off,” Andrew Hozier-Byrne for “Take Me To Church.”


According to Lynch, J. (2014),

Sam smith was chosen to one of the successful nominees this evening. According to J.Wilkinson (2014), he is a Britain singer and songwriter. In October 2012 he was featured on Disclosure's popular single "Latch", which reached number eleven on the UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, Naughtz Boy's 'La La La"—was his first number one single in May 2013.

In December 2013, he was nominated for the 2014 Brit Critic's Choice Awardand and the BBS's Sound of 2014 poll.This artist was nominated in this year for six Grammy Awards involving Pharrell and Beyoncé.

The ”album of the year” went to Beck for “Morning Phase,” Beyoncé for “Beyoncé,” Ed Sheeran for “X,” Sam Smith for “In the Lonely Hour” and Pharrell Williams for “Girl.”Sheeran didn't seem to be surprised.
According to E. Yahr and L. Ramanathan (2015),  Beyoncé round off  the event with “Take My Hand Precious Lord” and introduced John Legend and Common’s “Glory” with the performance of background dancers. They put their hands up like in a “hands up, don’t shoot” position.
















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56th Annual GRAMMY Awards


Yesterday, February 8, 2015, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards took place. The location of this event was the Staples Center in Los Angeles. A lot of celebrities attended the biggest music night, the Oscars of the music world. The opening act of this years Grammy Awards was AC/DC, which did not perform for forty years. According to “57th Annual GRAMMY Awards Winners and Nominees”(2015), Sam Smith and Beck clearly dominated the evening. Smith was nominated for six categories, as well as Beyoncé and Pharell Williams. Sam Smith won, amongst others, the awards “Record of the Year” and “Song of the year”, both with the song “Stay with me”.  He also won the category “Best new Artist” against artists like Iggy Azalea, Bastille, Brandy Clark and Haim. Beck won against some expectations “Album of the year” with his album “Morning Phase”. For this category Beyoncé, with the same named album, was the hottest favorite. But according to Rolling Stone (2015). Smith and Beck weren’t the only winners of the evening. A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera for example won “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” with their song “Say Something”. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett won “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album with their album “Cheek to cheek”, and Pharrell Williams won “Best Pop Solo Performance” with his very famous song “Happy” that went all around the world.



According to Die Welt (2015), the Grammys were also called “class reunion of the music branch” or family party. It was a show, where friends honor friends and everybody sings with everybody, or at least with Paul McCartney. Acts of this years ceremony were Madonna, Tom Jones, Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Beck with Chris Martin. Also President Obama spoke via video message at the Grammys. A part of his speech was about how music can change the world. Another speech that lingered in the memory of most people wasthe speech of Prince who honored Beck. He said: “Albums still matter. Like books and black lives.”




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On the 26th of January, the 70th birthday of Pinkpop's leading manager
Jan Smeets, two new names have been added for the festival’s program
of 2015. Next to big names such as Muse, Foo Fighters and Robbie
Williams, the performances of Pharrell Williams and Oscar And The Wolf
have been confirmed.


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